Discover the iGaming Universe with SBC Barcelona, SiGMA, & EGR.

The iGaming world is dynamic and rapidly evolving, driven by technological advancements, regulatory changes, and shifting consumer preferences. Within this industry, three names consistently stand out as beacons of innovation, knowledge sharing, and networking: SBC Barcelona, SiGMA, and EGR.

We at Wheelz love participating in these dynamic events, and our commitment to finding innovative ways to satisfy our customers aligns with the nature of these events. Our mother company, Rootz Ltd, is also nominated for the RISING STAR IN CASINO award at the SBC event this year.

In this article, we journeyed through these renowned events, each offering a unique perspective on the iGaming universe. From the bustling streets of Barcelona to the Mediterranean shores of Malta and beyond, we dive into the significance, highlights, and impact of these conferences and awards ceremonies. Join us as we explore the fundamental roles played by SBC Barcelona, SiGMA, and EGR in shaping the future of the iGaming industry.

SBC Barcelona


Purpose and Significance: SBC (Sports Betting Community) Barcelona is an exclusive sports betting and iGaming event, bringing together experts, professionals, and sports betting and gaming stakeholders.

Key Features:

  • Conference Sessions: SBC Barcelona hosts informative and thought-provoking sessions on sports betting, online gaming, regulation, technology, and marketing.
  • Exhibition Area: Dive into an exhibition area showcasing edge-cutting products, services, and innovations. Get hands-on with the latest tech and offerings from various exhibitors.
  • Networking Opportunities: SBC Barcelona is known for its outstanding networking opportunities. Connect with peers, potential partners, and worldwide industry pros. Networking events, like cocktail receptions and social gatherings, are part of the package.
  • Start-up Zone: Some editions feature a start-up zone where emerging sports betting and gaming companies can present their innovations, gaining visibility and attracting potential investors.
  • Regulatory Insights: Given the industry's evolving nature, expect sessions focused on regulatory changes and compliance issues. Stay up to date on legal developments and best practices.

Audience: The event draws a diverse audience, including CEOs, executives, affiliates, sportsbook operators, payment providers, tech experts, legal advisors, investors, and media representatives.

Location and Frequency: Held in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, SBC Barcelona can be an annual or biennial affair, depending on the edition.

Conclusion: If you're part of the sports betting and iGaming world, SBC Barcelona is unmissable. Stay ahead of industry trends, form crucial connections, and explore the latest innovations. With insightful sessions and extensive networking, SBC Barcelona plays a vital role in shaping the future of these industries.



Purpose and Significance: SiGMA, the Summit of iGaming Malta, is a globally renowned iGaming event that unites stakeholders, innovators, and professionals from iGaming, blockchain, and emerging tech sectors.

Key Features:

  • Exhibition Floor: SiGMA boasts a substantial exhibition floor where exhibitors, including iGaming operators, software providers, blockchain firms, and more, showcase their latest offerings.
  • Conference Tracks: Dive into multiple conference tracks covering various aspects of iGaming and emerging tech, from online casinos and sports betting to blockchain, regulatory updates, and marketing.
  • Start-up Pitch: SiGMA provides a platform for start-ups to pitch their innovations to a global audience, gaining visibility and potential partnerships.
  • Networking Events: SiGMA is renowned for its extensive networking events, from casual meet-ups to formal gatherings, fostering connections among professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs.
  • SiGMA Charity Dinner: This event raises funds for various causes while offering attendees a chance to connect with industry peers.

Audience: Expect a diverse international audience, including iGaming leaders, software developers, blockchain enthusiasts, affiliates, regulators, investors, start-up founders, analysts, and media representatives.

Location and Frequency: Traditionally held in Malta, a European iGaming hub, SiGMA takes place annually, with occasional special editions or regional events.

Conclusion: SiGMA is a key event in the iGaming and emerging tech calendar, offering numerous opportunities for professionals and companies to stay updated on industry trends, showcase their products, and build meaningful connections.



Purpose and Significance: EGR (eGaming Review) Events cover conferences, awards ceremonies, and summits focused on the global iGaming and online gambling industry, organized by EGR, a trusted source of news and insights for online gaming professionals.

Key Features:

  • EGR Awards: Celebrating excellence, EGR Awards recognize outstanding performance and innovation across various iGaming categories, with winners often considered leaders in their fields.
  • Conferences and Summits: These events cover many iGaming topics, from online casino operations and sports betting to regulatory compliance, marketing, and more. Expert speakers and industry leaders provide valuable insights.
  • Roundtable Discussions: Some EGR events feature intimate roundtable discussions, enabling in-depth conversations on specific industry topics and challenges.
  • Networking Opportunities: EGR events offer networking opportunities, allowing attendees to connect with peers, potential partners, and industry experts.
  • Content and Insights: These events are renowned for their valuable content and insights, with expert speakers and thought leaders sharing perspectives on industry trends, regulatory changes, and emerging technologies.

Audience: The audience includes CEOs, executives, online casino operators, sportsbook operators, payment solution providers, software developers, legal experts, marketing professionals, investors, analysts, and media representatives.

Location and Frequency: EGR events are held globally, reflecting the industry's global nature. While frequency varies, flagship events like the EGR Operator Awards are typically annual.

Conclusion: EGR events are important for the iGaming industry, combining prestigious awards, insightful conferences, and valuable networking opportunities. They spotlight excellence, stimulate innovation, and encourage collaboration in the ever-evolving online gaming sector.

Wheelz has been a part of many of these events over the years, and our mother company, Rootz, has won several different awards. Who knows, maybe we'll meet you at one in the future! 🎰🚀