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Responsible Gaming

Problem gambling is a serious issue surrounding online casino play. Please review the following tips that will help maintain your online casino experience at Wheelz Casino as a safe and fun entertainment product.

  • Only play what you can lose: You should never gamble with money you need to budget for other household or living expenses. Money spent on gambling should be placed in the entertainment section when planning your budget. If gambling impedes you from paying a bill or buying necessities, this is a sign of a gambling problem. You should take steps to remedy this unsafe playing behaviour even if that means stopping altogether.

  • Do not chase losses: gambling is a risk, and sometimes you will lose. If you get on a bad streak, one way to make it much worse is by trying to make up for lost bets with more gambling. Chasing losses is an easy way to compound previous losses and represents an ominous warning sign in terms of a potential gambling problem.

  • Gamble with a clear mind: gambling should not occur while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The loss of inhibition caused by intoxicating substances may cause a player to make excessive wagers, make bad decisions during games, or otherwise engage in reckless gambling. If you think you might be too intoxicated to play, then it is very likely you already are. When in doubt, take a break and play another day.

  • Do not dismiss the warning signs: If you find yourself making careless bets, gambling more often than usual, or letting gambling affect your emotions and personal relationships with others, you should take a break and consider what is happening. These may be signs of a gambling problem that should be addressed.

  • Listen to those you trust: If a friend or family member tells you they suspect a gambling problem, take those concerns seriously. At the minimum, take some time and focus on their critique. If you are finding truth in their words, defer to the people who love you and take a break from gambling.

Wheelz Account Controls

Wheelz makes it easy for you to manage your account activity. In the My Account section, the following limits are available: Deposit Limit, Net Loss Limit, Wager Limit, Time Limit, Timeout, and Permanent Self-Exclusion. For more information about how these gaming limits are managed, visit the Responsible Gaming page at Wheelz Casino.

Third-Party Resources

For those seeking additional professional resources focused on problem gambling, please visit the following organisations:

If you are unsure if have a gambling problem, this quiz at Gamblers Anonymous may help.