The Hoff's New Wheelz

Wheelz Casino will very shortly be open for business. Waiting in the wings to give us a kick-start is a bona fide pillar of the entertainment world, raring to go.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff!

The Ultimate Showman

This Hollywood icon has been there and done it all throughout his glittering 47-year career. Raised in Maryland, US, The Hoff enjoyed mixed fortunes across a number of fleeting small-screen roles in his early years, before landing his big break starring alongside Pamela Anderson in the smash hit Baywatch.

Charting the everyday antics of a group of Floridian lifeguards, Baywatch would go on to be watched by a staggering 1billion combined viewers from a total of 140 countries up until its finale in 2001, emphasising the show's phenomenal global appeal and catapulting The Hoff into the ranks of true Hollywood royalty.

Following a nine-year stint saving damsels in distress, the multi-talented Hoff would then dip his toes in various different business ventures that each showcased his unique showmanship. The proceeding years would see him make sporadic appearances in a long line of film and theatre productions, interspersed with occasional motivational speeches given at various academic institutions.

An on-off music career even brought us a triple platinum album, Looking for Freedom, before the Hoff returned to the recording studio just last year to release his first album since 2012, with Open Your Eyes. When he's not found at the mixing deck or walking the boards, The Hoff has also been known to take the judge's seats in talent shows like Britain's Got Talent and America's Got Talent.

Fast forward to the present day, and we're super excited to be partnering with this all-American hero as he looks to bring his infectious personality to the party at Wheelz Casino.

Why The Hoff?

It's a question that might be on many lips, so let's examine why The Hoff represents the perfect fit.

For one, The Hoff shares our own positive outlook on life. Playing casino games online is, above all, meant to be a highly enjoyable experience, and The Hoff has taken a similarly fun-loving attitude wherever the road has taken him. Mirroring our own brand, we see The Hoff as a quirky, larger-than-life character - the type that lights up the room when they walk in.

Never one to take himself too seriously, he has also starred in various media productions that hint at his self-deprecating nature. The Hoff appeared in the music video for Jump in My Car, parodying his performance in Knight Rider, before taking up a major role in 2004 The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie where he played himself.

Everyone involved in the creation of Wheelz has worked hard to incorporate The Hoff's positive traits into every aspect of the brand, which you'll get to encounter first hand once you come on board for yourself.

The Hoff is certainly no stranger to the casino floor either, enjoying the odd flutter on occasion like many of us. This exciting collaboration should provide The Hoff with ample opportunity to embrace the thrill of online casino games available at Wheelz. We're yet to discover our new sidekick's favourite game, but he can rest assure it'll be on offer under our own digital roof.

On a side note, The Hoff's influence is already starting to rub off here at Wheelz, with some staff members labelling us collectively as "Hasselhoff Casino". We think it's rather catchy!

Among other duties, The Hoff's involvement will see him make a return to his acting roots, but this time as the star of various TV and Web ads to assist with our marketing efforts. Look out for The Hoff coming to a TV screen near you!

In the meantime, we're inviting you all to come and check out The Hoff's New Wheelz once we open for business very shortly. And to mark The Hoff's arrival, keep your eyes peeled for some 'Special Hoffers' landing in your account after you've signed up, designed to help you get more out of your play.

Oh, and one final thing. Don't forget to take advantage of our generous €300 Welcome Offer when you make your first deposit at Wheelz. We'll also throw in 100 free spins to help jump-start your Wheelz journey.